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Rooted in the Rasik tradition, The Ganesh Foundation (TGF) offer the spiritual seeker and advanced practitioner, ways to transform the inner ecology of our psyche, thereby powerfully contributing to a natural expression of outer ecological living.
Filled with sacred and illuminated teachings, trainings, and transmissions imbued with the Loving Grace of God, The Ganesh Foundation provides fertile ground and conditions for attaining Liberation in Divine Love of God while experiencing direct blissful interaction with Divinity.

This can be accomplished and cultivated in an environment conducive for engaging in spiritual discipline. It is one of The Ganesh Foundation’s primary goals to offer a retreat center for those seeking spiritual guidance, including a private sanctuary for the more dedicated practitioners to perform intensive devotional spiritual practice (Bhajan sadhana) in order to become the next generations’ Illuminated Siddhas, Saints and Spiritual Leaders.
Now is an auspicious time to value this precious human life to fulfill the soul’s aspiration toward God and service to humanity. We can live a balanced life as benevolent stewards of this nurturing Earth, motivated by loving-kindness for ourselves and all living beings.


The Ganesh Foundation’s teachings, sacred transmissions and spiritual blessings are available to all through the guidance of Rasik lineage holder, Jagadeesh.

The Ganesh Foundation’s activities include:

  • Establishing retreat centers offering clinics, workshops, seminars, year-long advanced trainings, and private consultations available to spiritual practitioners and those in need.

  • Creating within the retreat, a sanctuary and resident center for sincere and dedicated practitioners to engage in extensive spiritual training guided by Jagadeesh.

  • Providing the necessary support, education and programs to advanced devoted practitioners to become our next generation’s illuminated spiritual leaders, educators, and thinkers.

  • Publishing books and articles on the Rasik Spiritual Tradition, Lives of the Saints, Sacred Ecology, and on living healthier, happier, and holier lives.

  • Offering as a community service to the world, Free Sacred Transmissions, Teachings, and Spiritual Blessings.

  • Bringing outreach programs to the public that become a catalyst for raising awareness on the matters of personal and global ecology and the threatened situation of the Elephant species and create a system to communicate with them.

  • Incorporating ecologically sound principles and practices within the operations of the centers and corporate offices that support the tenets of the non-profit and enhance the lives of those involved with The Ganesh Foundation, personally and environmentally.

  • Conducting fund-raising activities for the acquisition of land and buildings for the retreat centers, as well as other life benefiting community services.





Paramahangsa Jagadeesh
Founder and President
Sadhu Priest, Master Teacher & Ordained Healer

Jagadeesh received his bachelor’s degree from Sonoma State University in Humanistic / Transpersonal Psychology (1996), did graduate work at the same university, and completed three years of graduate work at the Transpersonal Center of Holistic Integration (1990's).
Over the past 55 years, his path in spiritual healing and self-transformation has come about through deep and concentrated spiritual practice rooted in Eastern Yogic and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. He completed more than 15 years of retreat practice in India and Nepal and intensive study under the guidance of spiritual teachers including Lama Yeshe, Baba Hari Dass, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dilgo Khyenste Rinpoche, Yangthang Rinpoche, and his beloved Guru Dev Siddha Sri Sri 1008 Kisori-Kisorananda Baba Tinkudi Gosvami.
His primary focus of research and practice is full realization of the Rasik spiritual path and the ecology of the individual self in relationship to the body, mind, and soul in their immediate environments. Jagadeesh is highly accomplished in alternative methods of healing of the mind, body, and soul and uses his expertise for the evolutionary progress of others.  

Jagadeesh is currently working on books and articles on his insight into evolutionary spirituality, applying these methodologies and techniques to the work offered at The Ganesh Foundation for the exalted purification of the heart for attaining Liberation in Divine Love of God – Divine-Love-Bliss.


The Ganesh Foundation has taken on an ambitious endeavor, embarking on a bold effort founded on time-honored, proven principles, and practices, established in the Rasik Tradition and compatible insights from other great spiritual traditions.
We place a high value on the individual’s ability and birthright to evolve spiritually, offering a diverse array of teachings and programs that are applicable to today's modern life and for following a deeper dedicated path of Loving Devotion to GOD that

spiritualizes and purifies both the senses and our personal understanding to do the following:

  • Shed that which obstructs us from realizing Self (The Atman - our pure Spirit).

  • Share company with others on a sincere loving path to God.

  • Experience directly a tangible relationship with the Divine and know God’s Loving Embrace

  • Celebrate the Divine and all the great Luminaries, Siddhas, Saints and Avadhuts, who have Realized and serve Divinity.


The Ganesh Foundation offers an alternative way for living by serving Divinity which sustains all life and is eternally present within us.
The Ganesh Foundation’s vision is to open a door and offer the individual a view of the world observed with clarity, wisdom and discernment; with an open heart of loving kindness and compassion. Through understanding the Nature of the Mind in relationship to the Nature of Spirit we will come to know true wisdom for living life, and selflessly serving Divinity in Loving Devotion for the greater good of all.




Prayer by Jagadeesh:

"God, I humbly ask for your blessings to purify my psycho-physical field of body, mind, & soul, and restore me to my natural condition of Love, Peace, Joy and Wisdom. Amen".


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