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Each of us has a gift to offer, a sacred gift for the betterment and evolution of this earth and every being that lives on it.


Gifts of spirit are in the form of offering one’s time, talents, and prayers. They may be offered in tithing or other philanthropic commitments. Every gift, selflessly and unconditionally given, never goes unnoticed.

The Ganesh Foundation is founded on the principle of the Bodhisattva through the loving kindness and compassion of the Sacred Warrior, for the benefit of all sentient beings. Fulfilling these precious goals require the generosity and heart of many Bodhisattvas. 


The Ganesh Foundation provides a framework for raising conscious awareness in the matters of personal, spiritual and environmental ecology; and for creating the circumstances for spiritual training of the next generations' illuminated Siddhas, Saints and Spiritual Leaders.
This is attainable and sustainable with your participation and support. Your contributions and gifts of spirit will be put toward the programs that bring peace and harmony to this world and guide us in attaining direct and blissful interaction with original source God.


The Ganesh Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation. Your donations are deductible if itemized on your income tax return. Events, programs, training fees, and product purchases are to some percentage, deductible.

Certificate of Filing
For those who are called by spirit to financially support The Ganesh Foundation and the teachings and blessing work offered by Jagadeesh, there are several ways in which you can participate. Your contributions of any size are deeply appreciated and always welcome.



We have a number of programs and ways in which you can participate in supporting The Ganesh Foundation. Please see those programs below and at For your convenience, you can use our PayPal service or otherwise contact us via the Contact Page.
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    Challenge campaign of matching funds for The Ganesh Foundation’s Capital Fund. Please contact us through the email address or phone number provided above for more information about this Challenge, or long-term Planned Giving.


    The offering of gifts in selfless service to God, opens one’s heart and brings Grace to one's world.  We encourage this very much...for you to observe the great blessings and joy that come to you while serving others in unconditional loving-kindness-compassion and Divine Love Bliss.


Work-Seva Program

     Our events and the operations of the organization depend on dedicated volunteers to support our small staff.  Support is needed in maintaining the website, assisting at events online and in-person, administration tasks, promotion of outreach activities, scheduling events and travel arrangements, and graphic artists for preparing communication materials. We also offer an exchange program for some who want to attend a paid event. If you are interested in providing support, please contact us below:



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