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About Us


The Ganesh Foundation – a 501c.3 Non-profit - is dedicated to:

1). The preservation of the Rasik Spiritual Tradition of India.

2). The education and training of our next generation’s illuminated saints and spiritual leaders.

3). Sacred Ecology, ecological awareness informed by spiritual principles.

4). The protection of, and communication with, Elephants.





1). THE RASIK TRADITION: The Preservation and establishment of the Rasik Tradition in the Western world by translating various important scriptural texts from the Sanskrit, Bengali and Hindi languages into English. From there, translated into other languages such as: German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, etc. Also, very important to this goal is the establishing of one or more Ashrams for the building of community.   

2). EDUCATION AND TRAINING: of our next generation’s illuminated saints and spiritual leaders through participation in the various year-long training opportunities, as well as living in a retreat (Ashram) for as many months and years as desired.

3). SACRED ECOLOGY: Funding of various vetted organizations for: Climate Change Solutions, Protecting and Cleansing the Oceans, Protecting and nourishing Whales & Elephants, and Planting of Trees. Developing ecological awareness based on non-materialism and non-violence.

4). ELEPHANTS: Preservation, Protection and Communication with Elephants through:

Donating to vetted Organizations like Sheldrake and other similar ones. Elephants are highly intelligent beings with a human length life-span. Their habitat is severely threatened by climate change, poaching, and inter-human conflict due to human sprawl and encroachment. Eventually we would like to provide a sanctuary for Gandhi the Elephant and his girlfriends, where we can begin language training for elephant / human communication.



Since time began and consciousness sprang forth, the soul’s essence has been entrained to that of the Divine. There is a deep relationship that exists in the world between the soul and Divinity.  


The Ganesh Foundation is a way of being in relationship to all that exists, manifested by the One God. We promote conscious change that comes from an inner wisdom and realization of our inter-dependence to each other and our inter-communion on a deeper level forming a Sacred Covenant between the Soul, Divinity and Nature.
It is the spiritual teachings, programs, and practices introduced through The Ganesh Foundation that facilitate the fulfillment of this Sacred Covenant and Divine Communion.

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