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Welcome to The Ganesh Foundation whose work is important for the future of the health and vibrancy of life on Earth as well as the sacred conscious awareness of the Absolute. 


The more Human Beings multiply and continue to sprawl across the land, the more resources are being used, pollution of various kinds increase, and Human – Animal conflict arises causing added suffering and possibly extinction of highly intelligent sentient ones like Elephants and Whales – the last of the, mostly, gentle giants of this world. 


Working in various ways The Ganesh Foundation's primary function is the promotion of virtuous character and conduct amongst the planets’ intelligent living beings. For us to come together in ways that have a direct Divine uplifting effect on all concerned. Accessing, inviting, invoking and otherwise bringing the Divine within this Earth Plane through our day-to-day focused, heart-centered, natural attentions, intentions, prayers, and actions.  


It has been my natural concern to add to the spiritual culture of this world, knowing how much suffering goes on in the name of many things. Self-Realization and God-Realization being the panacea of the ills of the world at large through the Human Beings ability to value such a most noble, inherent goal. The more we live in the Truth of who and what we are, the more peace gets communicated within the collective, such that all beings, directly and indirectly, benefit. Thus the ancient wisdom understanding prevails that a life spent in these Transcendent, yet Intrinsic awareness realizations, and living them as the embodied spirit beings we are – as temporary as this existence is.


Therefore, The Ganesh Foundation will institute a number of activities cultivating sacred spiritual awareness and the natural embodiment and expression of loving kind compassionate virtue, including Bodhisattva activities such as:   


1). Preserving sacred spiritual traditions through translation of primary and secondary texts into Western Languages and sacred communities to live the tradtions together. 

2). Instituting Sacred Blessing Group(s): The depinsation of the Divine Light Transmission    

3). The Prayer-Project: Promoting worldwide concentrated joy-filled prayer.


4). Creating Spiritual Community: Alternative communities living like-minded lives together. 


5). Philanthropy supporting the protection and preservation of Earth Systems, including Elephants & Whales and the environments in which they thrive.  





1). THE RASIK TRADITION: The Preservation and establishment of the Rasik Tradition by translating various important scriptural texts from the Sanskrit, Bengali and Hindi languages into English and from there into other languages like: German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, etc. Also establishing one or more Ashrams in the Western world.   

2). SACRED ECOLOGY: Education and funding of various vetted organizations for: Climate Change Solutions, Protecting and Cleansing the Oceans, Protecting and nourishing of Elephants & Whales, and Planting of Trees.


3). ELEPHANTS: Preservation, Protection and Communication with Elephants through:

Donating to vetted Organizations like Sheldrake.  AND eventually to get our own place for Gandhi the Elephant and his girlfriends. If/ when this happens, we can begin language training for elephant / human communication.



 * Supported by donations from the blessing work of & sales of the Sacred Energy Devices, books, non-profit organization memberships, donations and grants. 

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